Kay 的寄宿家庭
房源编号: HS105431

语言: 英语,中文,越南语
女生 13-25


房间 1
每月 700 - 850 加元help_outline
  • 地上房
  • 共用卫生间
  • 入住日期:2021 年 6 月 24 日
大约 100 平方英尺

关于 Kay 的家庭
2018年成为住我家网 Surrey 房东

We are a young working Asian family. We have hosts short term homestay students for about 4 year and is currently hosting a student from Panorama Ridge Secondary School. We are a quiet family who goes to bed quite early (9-10pm). We are looking for another high school or young university female student who is quiet, respectful, and independent to walk/transit to and from school by herself. Our house is 8 minutes walk to Panorama Ridge Secondary/Ècole Panorama Ridge Secondary (optional French immerge school) and 12 minute bus/public transit (bus 322) to Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Surrey Campus - 12666 72 Ave, Surrey). Panorama Ridge Secondary school is 10 minute walk (1 min. drive) from our house. Kwantlen Polytec University is one bus ride from 128th st (5 minute walk to bus stop). You will be sharing a bathroom with shower/tub with another homestay student. There is also another powder room on the main floor of the house which is shared by all family members in the house. We have two young children and are looking for someone who likes and enjoys young kids. We provide food to make breakfast yourself (bacon, eggs, waffles, cereal, oatmeal) that are easy and quick to make but you are responsible for making it yourself as our family may leave for work before you wake up or may sleep in on the weekends. We also provide food for you to pack lunch (sandwich or leftovers from dinner whichever you prefer). We usually have early (6pm) sit down dinners as a family (with some exceptional occasions) in which case, there will be food you can make yourself. Laundry is completed once a week. Wifi internet is provided. 翻译

年龄范围: 30-39
出生地区: 亚洲
工作行业: 公共管理

年龄范围: 30-39
出生地区: 亚洲
工作行业: 行政后勤

年龄范围: 0-9
出生地区: 北美洲
工作行业: 退休、学生或无业

年龄范围: 0-9
出生地区: 北美洲
工作行业: 退休、学生或无业

0 猫
0 狗



Weekdays for school: easy quick breakfast such as toast, waffles, cereal, pizza pockets, cup/instant noodles. Weekends may make pancakes, eggs. etc.

Usually pack sandwich for lunch or your choice of leftover dinner food for lunch.

Hot cooked meal: rice, quiona, fish/or some sort of meat (chicken, beef, pork) and some sort of steamed or cooked vegetables. A variety of Asian dinners and Caucasian dinners.



床垫 · 镜子 · 书桌 · 台灯 · 衣柜


水 · 电 · 暖 · 无线互联网 · 洗衣干衣机


  • 只接受女生
  • 可接待13-25岁的学生
  • 不接待吸烟的学生

    Curfew is 10pm
    No smoking allowed inside or outside
    Be quiet from 9pm to 8am in the morning daily including weekends
    Please open/close your door quietly
    No guests without prior permission from host family
    Packing lunch is your responsibility
    Please lock door and arm the alarm before leaving the house for school
    No smoking, drugs or alcohol consumption for you or any of your guests





    Franco 的住家
    $750 加元
    房间: 2 | 距离: 1.4 公里

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    $700 加元
    房间: 1 | 距离: 5.4 公里

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